Utilities Printing: Gas South

Author: Kent Tucker | January 12th, 2021

We started printing for a local gas utilities company called Gas South five years ago. Gas South is located in Atlanta, but their service area stretches into other states, including Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey and Ohio. They serve over 425,000 customers in the residential, commercial, and governmental sectors.

Our first project for Gas South was printing personalized letters. The personalized letters outlined offers available to customers, such as lower rates for signing up for longer service contracts. These personalized letters were inserted into window envelopes, sealed, and mailed. After printing several offers during the first year, we suggested that changing to a regular envelope, instead of a window envelope would achieve better results based upon information from The Data & Marketing Association. On top of better results, they would also save money, approximately $3.50 per thousand, by using a regular envelope vs the window envelopes.

Gas South was concerned that a “match mailing” would be more expensive since the name on the letter had to match the name on the envelope. We invited them into our plant for a demonstration on our new equipment with a “Perfect Match” camera system that allows us to match and insert up to three pieces in an envelope. A quarter inch square 2D barcode is printed on the letter, read by the camera, then the appropriate name and address is printed on the #10 envelope as the letter is inserted. After the demonstration, Gas South agreed to give it a try, especially since the cost was less than with window envelopes, on their next mailing.

The next mailing was several months later. We used regular envelopes vs the window envelopes. After the results and data were collected by Gas South, they gave us a call. The results were remarkably better due to our suggestions. Not only did they save money, but they signed more customers to long term contracts. 

Gas South is one of our many happy customers. Regardless of the scope of your project, our team will always work meticulously, save your budget, and make recommendations to achieve the best results. You can trust your printing projects to the professional team at Tucker Castleberry!

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