Tucker Castleberry is Proud to Partner with Non-Profit Organizations

Author: Kent Tucker | July 6th, 2022

At Tucker Castleberry, we are passionate about charitable causes. Our company is proud to partner with non-profit organizations, helping them maximize their print and mail budgets to support their marketing efforts. If your non-profit organization is looking for professional printing in Atlanta, GA, reach out to Tucker Castleberry to learn more.

Types of Printing for Non-Profits

  • Digital Printing – Short-run printing for your organization’s smaller quantity needs such as fliers, mailings, stationary, and more. We can print with or without personalization based on your preference or project type.
  • Sheetfed Printing – Sheetfed printing is for longer-run printing accommodating larger quantities and formats. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows for many paper options as well as printing both sides of the sheet at the same time. Sheetfed printing can be ideal for high-quality printed materials such as marketing brochures, posters, catalogs, and annual reports.
  • Large Format Printing – Banners and displays can be powerful tools for visually communicating. Whether your needs are local or national, we can help you produce and deliver the appropriate pieces to the right location and on time.

How Tucker Castleberry Can Empower Your Non-Profit

  • Consulting Services – If your team is limited with resources, our team can work with you to prep and plan your printing projects ahead of time. We can help you maximize your budget while optimizing your non-profit funding.
  • Sustainability Efforts – Minimizing waste is important for your budget and for our environment. We can help you explore sustainable opportunities, such as recycled stocks, maximizing the sheet size, and more. Thinking sustainably can help make the most of your annual budget for your non-profit organization.
  • Paper Recommendations – Paper can have a strong impact on the final look and feel of your project. In some cases, more expensive stock is the best choice, but there are options available to reduce cost without cutting quality. Our team can help you determine available paper stocks most suitable for your project and budget.
  • Annual Pricing – Consulting with your organization on an annual basis allows us to help you better utilize your budget. A smaller printing company may have a more competitive price on a job-to-job basis, but we have the experience and skills to look at the big picture over a full calendar or fiscal year. Analyzing your budget annually allows us to optimize your print and mail marketing spend across a full year’s worth of projects.
  • Mailing Services – Not all printing companies have the in-house capability to also manage the mailing of your printed materials. At Tucker Castleberry, we offer list management, including lead generation or donor outreach. Our list management consultation services can clean, optimize, acquire, and plan for your list. We can even utilize relevant demographics and other filters to target your ideal audience and reduce wasted spending. If you are looking for direct mail services or other mail preparation assistance, our mailing services are reliable and professional regardless of the size of your project.
  • Mail Tracking – Knowing your direct mail is delivered to the intended recipient is important. Not only can we help your non-profit organization have this outbound delivery visibility, but we can also track the response mail returning to you. By tracking the inbound response, you can anticipate well-needed donations or plan call center staffing ahead of time.
  • Promotional Premium Products – Whether you have a storefront website or not, we can supply your volunteers, staff, and members with premiums. Premiums may include shirts, gear, notepads, thank you cards, books, calendars, and other personalized items. Premiums can help brand your organization, restate your organization’s mission or serve as a gift of gratitude to donors.

If you need commercial printing in Atlanta, GA, Tucker Castleberry is a full-service printing company with all the printing capabilities available for your non-profit organization. Schedule a consultation today!

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