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Author: Tuck Tucker | January 13th, 2023

Before we look at 2023 printing trends, here are some current commercial printing statistics:

1. There are 25,000 US commercial printing companies with combined revenues of over
$850 billion.
2. Digital printing, including advertising, grows around 9-10% annually.
3. Seventy percent of US corporations use direct mail campaigns.

Top 5 trends in Commercial Printing for 2023

Direct Mail Campaigns:

These campaigns are one of the most basic forms of advertising. They are the most effective way of reaching new customers. Custom designs can be sent using individually sourced lists to reach the targeted audience. These campaigns are inexpensive and perfect for companies to keep their image and message in front of their customers and prospects. Direct mail campaigns have the most significant return and response rate than any other form of media (per The American Marketing Association). Therefore, this form of printing is expected to move on an upward trend in 2023.

Digital Marketing:

Printing companies that offer digital marketing services are more likely to increase revenue and remain competitive in 2023. Next to direct mail campaigns, digital marketing is a very efficient form of advertising. Forms of digital marketing include website hosting services, podcast creation, email marketing, social media ads, etc. Printers that offer these services will grow their businesses substantially in 2023.


More and more companies are personalizing their messages directly to customers, prospects, consumers, etc. The open-and-response rates increase tremendously when direct mail or digital pieces are tailored for the individual, unlike a “mass static mailing” with the same message to all recipients. People like to see their names and are more apt to open and read communications directly to them. This is a fast-moving trend causing significant numbers of equipment manufacturers to create innovative approaches using recent technological advances.

Inkjet Technology:

In terms of speed and price, inkjet will continue to propel the print industry forward. Inkjet printers are often faster than traditional printers on small- to medium-run jobs and can now be sheet-fed or roll-fed, which is somewhat revolutionary. Plus, the cost of inkjet machines continues to fall since research and development are in their later stages, cutting a portion of overall equipment costs.

Web-to-Print Portals:

These are becoming more popular for multi-unit businesses and franchises that want to keep their print marketing collateral, branded merchandise, and signage cohesive with their branding guidelines. It’s a password-protected portal where all your location managers can order and purchase supplies with just a few buttons. This keeps your locations from going rogue from your branding guidelines and allows you to monitor, on a larger scale, what is happening at all of your sites.

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