Tight Deadlines and High Quality Are Tucker Castleberry’s Specialty

Author: Tuck Tucker | September 7th, 2021

Carter’s is a leading American designer and seller of children’s clothing. They were founded in 1865, and have over 1000 locations across the country. When we were approached by Carter’s with a need for store signage, we were glad to help.

Since the printing job was signage, quality and color were critical aspects of the job. The success of their new program could hinge upon the customer’s first impression of the signs. From the start, the project was considered a rush job to complete it on their schedule. The total number of components called for 65 forms to press check, trim, and custom package for shipping to 900 stores. Each element needed to be seamlessly produced and identical for each store.

For this rush project, we had predicted that our team would need 12 working days. Unfortunately, the client needed the signage in 6 working days. In addition to only having half the estimated time, the work period was over a major holiday, so we only had a skeleton crew working as many of our regular staff were still on holiday. In 6 working days, we prepped all files, showed pdf proofs, printed, trimmed, custom packaged, and shipped out the door, providing tracking on all 900 shipments. The signs were safely on their way to showcase Carter’s new program.

We accomplished the job in the designated amount of time given. All the stores received the exact products they were expecting on time.  The job was completed in record time and with 100% accuracy.

Regardless of the timeline and complexity of a printing job, our team at Tucker Castleberry works to bring it to completion. Schedule a consultation to learn how we can help you specifically!

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