The Impact of Powerful Direct Mail on Sports Team Marketing

Author: Tuck Tucker | March 8th, 2022

We are printers and sports fans at Tucker Castleberry. Our team has been working with the sports industry since 1979, so we are specifically qualified to help you reach your team’s fans. Whether you are trying to secure corporate sponsors, renew your season ticket holders, or reach potential fans for the first time, Tucker Castleberry can help you through strategic print materials.

How We Can Help

  • Empower your Direct Mail Efforts–In a digitally overloaded world, direct mail can actually be a refreshing change for people. The open rate on direct mail is higher than email marketing these days. We have a wide range of printing capabilities to support your goals. If you are trying to excite your season ticket holders, our team can create a packet with branded materials inside, such as roster cards, brochures, upcoming game day information, etc. With the right printed materials, we can help you ignite the excitement of your dedicated fans. Because teams have the digital capability to track season ticket holders and one-time ticket buyers, we can get the ideal materials to the right people. Encouraging one-time buyers to become season ticket holders can be very profitable if you utilize less expensive direct mail efforts, such as postcards. They can still be well-designed and impactful as an initial outreach platform.. We are partnered with the USPS, so we can consult on the design and creation of your materials, ensuring that your message is not delayed in transit.. Our team makes it simple to get the attention you’re looking for.
  • Impress your Corporate Sponsors–Branded sports materials exude professionalism and excite the team spirit within us all. If a corporation has not considered sponsoring your team, a professional customized pocket folder filled with information about your team could be the ticket needed to take your team seriously. We can produce brochures about your team, and even source and pack specialty items that can help ignite the passion of the recipient. 
  • Empower your Branding on Game Day–Whether someone is going to their first  or their 100th game, attending a game is an exciting, immersive experience. Printed materials are part of building the right experience for fans. From printed game day programs to roster cards of your team to posters with your all-stars on them, your branding has the opportunity to connect with people and create lifetime fans. Well-designed printed media guides, roster cards, and game-day programs can become lasting mementos from the game experience. Anything a fan takes home with your team’s name or branding on it will serve as a reminder of their game day experience and encourage them to come again. 

With decades of experience, our all-star team of printing professionals can help you reach and excite your fans and sponsors. Partner with Tucker Castleberry today to start winning the sports team marketing game!

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