The History of Atlanta’s Printer

Author: Tuck Tucker | December 1st, 2022

Some of the biggest organizations in Atlanta call Tucker Castleberry for all their printing needs. Companies who built this city, like the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks, Georgia State University, Spanx, and Porsche, all rely on our commercial lithographic and digital printing services. 

How did we become Atlanta’s most respected professional commercial and digital printer? Tucker Castleberry’s printing presses started rolling in 1949, when two experienced printers, Wiley A. Tucker, Sr. and A.C. Castleberry, struck out to take on the entrepreneurial challenges of owning and operating their own printing company.

At first, Tucker Castleberry printed with only letterpress equipment. We advertised locally by displaying printed samples in our storefront window. Business flourished, and in 1959 we incorporated with ten employees. Twelve years later in 1971, Tuck Tucker (Wiley A. Tucker, Jr.) joined the company fulltime in sales after spending the last seven summers working throughout the plant. In 1979, we elected him President and Chief Executive Officer. The 1980s brought new acquisitions and new divisions to the company. We formed Tucker Mailing and Distribution to meet our customers’ requests for mailing, imaging and fulfillment, providing Direct Mail Services in Atlanta. We also created SportsPrint to service a nationwide sports market working with over 100 professional sports teams around the country. In 1999, the third generation of Tuckers, Kent Tucker, came on board. Kent now leads our sales team as Vice President of Sales.

Today, with a team of over 85 skilled craftspeople, customer service representatives, salespeople, and top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art equipment, we continue to produce high-quality projects for our customers locally and nationally.

Our historical timeline doesn’t fully explain why we became Atlanta’s printer, but here are a few reasons that support our success:

  • Dedication & Commitment – As a third-generation family business, the family name and reputation are at stake, so we are dedicated to see that our work speaks for itself. Our employees are unmatched in the industry for commitment, dedication, and skill, and have been with us for an average of 18+ years.
  • Priority of Customer Relationships – Our leading basic philosophy is that we are a sales-driven company that focuses on customer relationships. We want every customer to feel like they are our only customer by meeting their expectations every time.
  • State-Of-The-Art Cutting-Edge Technology – Our commitment to technology allows our customer base to be global. We believe in the latest and greatest technology, as evidenced by our equipment list. We win clients over with our ability to handle many services under one roof and our advanced printing capabilities. Our clients love to print their jobs on our presses. The Creative Director at Emory University says, “If you want the best quality in the city, you need to print with Tucker Castleberry.”

One of the best stories that encapsulates all of this is our history with the Atlanta Braves. As Wiley “Tuck” Tucker, Jr. tells it, 

“I began printing with the Atlanta Braves in 1973 after I had been calling on them for three years, hoping to win some of their business. They finally gave me an opportunity and we performed with shining colors, which led to being awarded more work. They asked me to quote jobs several times a week. I would type up the specs and hand deliver my quotation to the Atlanta Braves Front Office (that’s how it was done in the 70s). Later, when the first FAX machines came into play, I had a crazy idea. I went to my father, who ran the company at that time, and told him I wanted to buy ten FAX machines, put our company name on them and “give” them to our ten best customers. This way, we could FAX over our quotes “instantaneously” and be the first price they would see getting the jump on our competition. Plus, every time they went to the FAX machine, they would see Tucker Castleberry’s name on the side. Well, my father agreed, and I bought ten new machines at $3,500 each!!! I delivered the first one to the Atlanta Braves and gave them a demo on how to use it. Needless to say, my idea worked. We were always the first price in, which led to more and more business. Finally, in 1976, they awarded us the contract to print the pocket schedules and the Game Day program. We still print them today. We print 2,000,000 twenty-page programs for each season. In 1998, The Braves asked us to become a Corporate Partner and handle all of their printing needs. The relationship still stands today, and I am very proud of it.”

We share a long history of stories like this with many of our clients. We have 20+ year relationships with Comcast, HD Supply, Porsche USA, AT&T, and Gas South. In the last five years, we’ve served Cooper Lighting, Insight Global, Inc. and Kennesaw State. Other Atlanta clients include Emory University, Georgia State University, Quikrete, and Yamaha Golf Car Company. 

Our 73-year history of dedication and commitment, prioritizing customer relationships, and up-to-date, innovative technology is why we continue to be called upon as Atlanta’s Printer.

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