Speed, Price, and Quality with Tucker Castleberry

Author: Kent Tucker | July 6th, 2021

“Back in the day”, printers were able to give customers only two of the following three things: Speed, Price, and Quality.

Nowadays, customers expect all three. That’s okay because Tucker Castleberry has been providing all three for decades.  And now we have taken our capabilities to the next level by recently purchasing a new 2021 Komori 8-Color Perfecting 40” LED-UV Press.  As a result, our clients can expect improvements in terms of speed, price, and quality.

  1. Speed:

Our new press will print 15,000 sheets per hour. Since it is printing both sides of the sheet at the same time, that is actually 30,000 impressions per hour.  40” non-perfecting presses cannot approach that level of productivity and speed.  Also, when they have finished the first side of the sheet, they must wait for it to dry before turning it over and running it back through the press. Ultimately, we can produce each job more than twice as fast as the competition.

Also, if we are printing booklets such as catalogs, magazines, etc., our new press takes only 12 minutes to hang 8 plates, complete make-ready and be up and running on new signatures.  That is three times faster than other presses.

2. Price:

Time is money.  Production time equates to dollars, so reducing the hours of production with state-of-the-art equipment, we can help you stick to your budget and even offer advantages if possible.  Printing twice as fast with no drying time required, you do the math.

3. Quality:

There are so many positive attributes with our new press, but here are a few key points:

The inks cure instantly before they reach the delivery with our LED-UV drying system.  The fact that the ink dries before delivery means the ink sits up on the sheet, making the dot look much sharper and colors more brilliant than conventional inks that soak into the sheet like it’s a sponge.  There is no comparison between the old conventional inks and the new LED-UV inks when printing on offset paper!  This is important because…

There is no chance of marking the sheet, which can happen easily when wet sheets are stacked in the delivery pile.

Jobs can we worked in the bindery as soon as they come off the press.  There is no waiting time for the sheet to dry and cure.

There is no dryback for LED-UV inks vs. conventional inks.  Dryback is a decrease in the gloss of an ink during drying.  This means that when using conventional inks, the sheet that was ok’d at the press check dries back and is not as glossy after it dries.  In other words, It looks different from what the customer approved on press.

2. We can print on any substrate including plastics, PVS materials, foils, and other materials that do not absorb inks.  This is not possible with conventional printing presses using conventional inks. 

3. Heat, ozone and mercury are eliminated from our pressroom.  UV inks are free of solvents eliminating oil-based ink solvents emissions.  Spray powder can be eliminated as a drying aid further increasing quality and cleanliness in the pressroom.  Value-added coatings can be used effectively and efficiently.

If you are ready to get the full package of speed, quality and price, Tucker Castleberry is ready to help with your next project.  Schedule a consultation today!

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