Printing is Alive and Well in the Real Estate Industry

Author: Tuck Tucker | February 8th, 2022

In a world driven by digital, print is still powerful. This holds true in the real estate market as well. On average, a homebuyer or seller will be inundated with over 5,000 digital ads and at least 100 emails every day. Because people are so overloaded with digital marketing, print marketing is memorable and refreshing. For example, a printed postcard can sit on the counter until the seller/buyer is ready to read it and the message does not get lost in the inbox like email marketing. Printed mail has an open rate of 80-90% versus the 25% open rate of emails. Tucker Castleberry is proud to partner with local real estate agents and brokers to reach their target audience. We offer a wide range of printing options to help your real estate efforts gain visibility.

Ways to Maximize Printing in the Real Estate World

Newsletters and Flyers – Beyond email marketing, the combination of printed newsletters and flyers can be effective. A newsletter allows you to highlight the current market and show buyers/sellers that you have their best interest as your number one priority. Flyers showing images and details of a current listing can be a physical reminder for interested buyers to take with them before or after a showing.

Custom Pocket Folders – Real estate transactions always generate a lot of paperwork. A customized pocket folder will help your buyers and sellers keep track of important paperwork such as financial documents, contracts or listing details.

Business Cards and Letterhead – Customized business cards and letterhead exudes professionalism for agents, especially in a highly competitive market as real estate. Whether you are a newly licensed agent or a member of the Million Dollar Club, quality printed materials present your best image to your clients and provide your contact information when they need to reach you. Being accessible is crucial to maintain connections with buyers and sellers.

Banners and Signage – Professionally printed banners and signage could attract interested buyers who are passing by one of your listings. These marketing tools can grab a prospect’s attention to a property they were not aware of or to an open house. Visibility is so important when wanting to attract potential buyers.

Postcards – Mailing postcards is an affordable and effective way to reach potential buyers and sellers. Postcards are cost-effective since they do not require an envelope and require less postage than other forms of mail. If you are promoting a new listing or your own real estate services, using postcards through direct mail can provide a good ROI. A postcard mailed to a surrounding area after a recent neighborhood sale informs other homeowners of the current home values nearby and that you have had success selling in their area.

Door Hangers – If you are prospecting for sellers in a specific neighborhood, printed door hangers are ideal for leaving behind when homeowners are not home. A door hanger can be memorable and unique, allowing the homeowner to keep the information if they have any interest in selling. Door hangers could also be an opportunity to encourage neighbors of a listing to meet you at an upcoming open house. Making a connection at an open house may be all it takes to secure another seller in a desirable neighborhood.

EDDM and Saturation Mail – The USPS has a program called Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) where a mailer can mail in bulk a campaign to every door in a certain area or district. When you use EDDM, your mail piece will be addressed to “resident”. If you prefer personalization, EDDM is not the right choice. However, EDDM can be ideal for promoting listings to attract new buyers or showing recent sales to recruit new sellers. Certain criteria must be met to use EDDM and our team can help determine if your campaign qualifies for this program. If you are looking for personalization, saturation mail is ideal since you can address the mail piece to the occupants by name at the delivery point. Mailing list hygiene, mail preparation and postage options are some of the many areas Tucker Castleberry can help.

If you are interested in exploring these or other options for your real estate business, contact Tucker Castleberry today. We can help you maximize your print marketing efforts!

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