Perfecting the Final Touches: Unveiling the Art of Finishing in Printing

Author: Kent Tucker | October 11th, 2023

Tucker Castleberry’s quality Digital Printing in Atlanta has helped thousands of customers find the perfect solution for all their printing needs. From real estate and large-format printing to mailing services and Offset Printing in Atlanta, our team prioritizes quality at the forefront of every job we do. One of the most critical steps in our process here at Tucker Castleberry is Finishing. Below, we’ll go over what Finishing entails and the part it plays in our printing process.

What Is Finishing?

Just like it sounds, Finishing is the final prepping of a project before it is shipped and sent off to our customers. However, just like printing itself, Finishing is crucial to the outcome of the product, and without it, our final products at Tucker Castleberry wouldn’t be the same. Finishing can take many forms, including trimming, drilling, padding, and other methods unique to each job. 

How Does Finishing Work?

  1. Trimming One technique that must be applied to every job is trimming, which ensures that the product is uniform in size and, most importantly, consistent. This is accomplished through a “guillotine cutter.” This involves an angled, stainless steel blade that can cut through several stacks of paper at a time.
  2. Folding – Some projects need folding, which can be more complicated than it sounds since there could be dozens of folds, depending on the job. Some of the most common are the half fold, the French fold, the gatefold, and the accordion fold. Some folds even require special machinery to get it just right.
  3. Binding – If the job requires sheets of paper to be bound together, we use many different types of bindings to meet the customer’s needs. Some involve staples, glue, cord, thread, or plastic coils.

Every job is different, and we use many techniques to finish our client’s orders. To keep it streamlined and efficient, the team at Tucker Castleberry stays up to date with the latest and greatest print technology out there, buying all the equipment we need to finish each job exceptionally. This ensures that the deliverables always get out on time and look great.

How Long Does Finishing Take?

The finishing process can be simple and quick, or, for detailed projects, take an extended period of time, depending on the job. In the latter case, we’ll often consult the customer on a production schedule to ensure everything gets done on time. Regardless, Tucker Castleberry is always attentive to the customer’s needs first.

We offer professional Commercial Digital Printing in Atlanta, where your job is always our priority. Whatever your printing needs, Tucker Castleberry is here for you. With our loyal team at the helm of your project, you can rest assured that your print job will be the best! For more information, visit our website today.

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