Offset Printing by the Numbers

Author: Tuck Tucker | May 1st, 2023

Thanks to new technology, Tucker Castleberry’s Offset Printing Services in Atlanta, GA, have achieved new milestones this year. Using our new Komori Press, we’ve increased efficiency and quality, producing up to 15,000 sheets an hour for our clients. However, before we look at the 2022 stats, let’s take a moment to understand why offset printing is the best choice for your Tucker Castleberry printing projects.

Offset printing is accomplished through our state-of-the-art sheet bed printer. Unlike a web press, which can only use certain types of material, our sheet bed press prints on paper, board, and plastic. This results in a highly versatile product that exceeds our clients’ expectations. Our offset printer uses Light Emitting Diodes- Ultraviolet (LED-UV) inks, which give us higher productivity and accurate, consistent color. It also dries instantly, so we don’t have to wait long to cut and trim the sheets. Additionally, LED-UV ink features a natural gloss, saving us time by eliminating the need for the coating we formerly would put on our printed sheets. These factors, along with the blazing speed of our printing press, have taken our efficiency to new heights. 

Tucker Castleberry’s clients and employees took full advantage of our Offset Printing in Atlanta, GA last year. Here are a few impressive stats about our Komori Press:

2022 Komori Offset Press Stats:

  1. Impressions – 41,776,000
  2. Sheets printed – 22,275,000
  3. Paper used – 560,000 lbs. (If put end-to-end, this would measure 13,360 miles, which is almost the distance between the North and South Poles!)
  4. Total hours of operation – 6,720 hours
  5. Printing plates used – 18,600
  6. Ink used – 95,000 lbs (the weight of 10 to 11 elephants)

Tucker Castleberry has been in the business for 74 years and has grown into a renowned and respected printing service, becoming one of the leading experts in the industry. We are incredibly grateful for everyone who has contributed to the success of our company, and we can’t wait to see where advanced technology will take us next!

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