Mail Service Printing by the Numbers

Author: Kent Tucker | June 1st, 2023

Since 1949, Tucker Castleberry has upheld the values of integrity, respect, and responsibility that Wiley Tucker and A.C. Castleberry founded our business on. Over the years, we’ve offered various printing services for marketing, the most effective form being direct mail. It’s been proven that direct mail services average a 4% return rate, an amazing feat for business advertising. At Tucker Castleberry, we’ve accomplished a number of direct mail printing projects, sometimes as complex as matching a custom envelope with a personalized insert full of variable data.

We began offering Direct Mail Services in Atlanta, GA, in 1982, a service that has grown exponentially over the years and has required us to invest heavily in personnel and equipment. Now, in 2023, we’re confident in our highly developed processes to help us deliver top-notch services with perfect results every time. 

Tucker Castleberry has proved their mailing services are the best in the business; we run each of our client’s orders through a high-speed, intelligent mail sorter called a “Flowmaster” before shipping. The Flowmaster scans every item using a camera, ensuring that our clients receive a 100% error-free, uniform print job every time. We also utilize four inkjets in our printing process, which can print up to 2 million postcards daily. 

Because of these high standards and operational efficiencies, we have seen a significant boost in our production. Thanks to our clients, we have had a great year at Tucker Castleberry. As we move into our 74th year of providing the best printing services around, let’s look back at 2022’s incredible Mail Services stats:

Tucker Castleberry’s Mail Service Stats:

  1. Pieces of mail that we custom printed with names and addresses – 128,000,000
  2. Pieces of mail that we machine-inserted into envelopes – 14,350,000
  3. Amount of postage we were responsible for – $31,000,000.00

With our professional Direct Mail Printing in Atlanta, GA, we’ve helped countless clients find effective marketing solutions, enabling them to expand their businesses in new ways! Give us a call at (770) 454-1580 with your next project.

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