How Strategic Printing Programs Impact Higher Education Decisions

Author: Kent Tucker | January 3rd, 2022

First impressions are key in the competitive field of recruitment. At Tucker Castleberry, we are proud to partner with colleges and universities during their ongoing recruitment for new students. Quality printed materials play a vital role in attracting students for the first time, gaining that solid connection all the way through to the acceptance stage. Using creative printing programs combined with well-executed mailing services, Tucker Castleberry can support your institution’s efforts to reach the right students with the right message at the right time.

How Can We Help

Implement Direct Mail – Prospective students often experience their first view of your college campus through the printed material you send them. This first touch could be a postcard, letter, brochure or catalog. Every printed piece throughout your recruitment campaign makes an impression on your recipient. The messaging, the images, the consistency of your branding all add up to accurately portray the caliber of your University. We can help you print and mail impactful collateral that truly reflects the energy and spirit of your institution. With years of print experience and as a business partner with the USPS, Tucker Castleberry will handle your project from design consultation through mailing. We simplify the process by sharing what we know to help you meet your goals more quickly.

Maximize Branding – Consistency in education can be visually defined through your consistency in branding. At times, this can be subliminal, but nonetheless important. Set the standard high by working with our team to ensure all your printed materials reflect the accuracy of school colors, messaging, and quality. We have a wide range of printing options and an eye for detail. Whether the project is as small as business cards or as large as a banner, we have the solution.

Organize Promotional Materials – Prospective students are inundated with recruitment materials from many colleges and universities. Help your new recruits keep your information top of mind by sending your material in an organized manner. Unique pocket folders, functional multi-piece mailers, and enrollment material collated in colorfully printed envelopes are just a few of the ways to stand above your competition. We have lots of existing die-guides and creative ideas we can share to build a campaign that aces the test.

Empower Alumni Outreach – Students play a key role in your institution’s financial support– during and after graduation. Alumni will continue the legacy of their college experience through monetary donations and staying involved in their alma mater’s annual events. Our team can help you create effective direct mail programs that touch the giving hearts of your alumni while reminding them of the fun they had during their years on campus.

We have decades of experience enhancing the marketing efforts of our higher education customers. Partner with Tucker Castleberry today and schedule a consultation! 

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