Don’t Let Paper Scarcity Stop Your Project

Author: Kent Tucker | November 19th, 2021

 We all know about the paper towel and toilet paper shortages during the pandemic. Did you know the paper shortage extends to the printing world? In the season where retail stores are trying to print more catalogs and sales ads, there have been delays in normal printing due to supply chain challenges and slowed paper production. Paper scarcity is widespread, impacting everything from printing seasonal wrapping paper to cereal boxes. At this point, paper scarcity is expected to still be a problem through 2023. The Tucker Castleberry team has been working hard to combat these problems and help achieve your printing goals despite the scarcity. 

Paper Scarcity Problems

 The supply and demand issues stretch way beyond the printing industry and are affecting individuals and businesses across the world. At the start of the pandemic, many paper mills shut down or changed their focus to something else. Now that businesses have ramped back up, paper mills have struggled to catch up. Beyond the delays at the mills, there have also been delivery delays as driver shortages remain across our country. Paper shortages have caused many printing jobs to suffer due to unavailable stock inventories, delays in delivery from distributors, or price increases exceeding allowed budgets. To help avoid these roadblocks, Tucker Castleberry has taken the necessary steps to try and minimize the impact of the paper scarcity on our clients. 

How Tucker Castleberry is Managing the Paper Shortage

 · We are Encouraging Planning Ahead—There are some shipping and production delays which cannot be eliminated altogether. Planning early is the best way to avoid having a late printing job. If you already know what your printing needs are in the coming months, give us a call. We can make plans to ensure the materials can be acquired in time. Also, we will have a better chance to get your printing materials at a more reasonable price point. We are committed to delivering your job on time and in budget to the best of our abilities. 

· We are Stocking Up When Possible—Whenever we have access to necessary printing materials, we are adding to our stock on hand. We are trying to keep a larger stock in our warehouse, regardless of our current job load, so our team will be prepared for your job. Additionally, we are actively seeking viable alternatives for supplies that are not as readily accessible. 

Just because there is a paper shortage does not mean your printing job cannot happen. We are making every effort to keep all our print production on track. Trust Tucker Castleberry’s team to guide you through our industry challenges of paper scarcity and supply chain delays. Reach out today to start planning your next job with us!

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