Cost Savings Measures

Author: Kent Tucker | May 4th, 2021

At Tucker Castleberry, we understand the importance of maximizing your budget. When it comes to the production of printed materials, you need to think about cost savings measures strategically to avoid sacrificing the quality of your job. Cutting corners can make your printing job ineffective and not worthwhile at all. Tucker Castleberry can help you find those savings that will not cost you in terms of quality. If you are looking to impress and save at the same time, we can help!

·        Ask Your Sales Rep for Suggestions—When you are planning your project, ask your rep to make recommendations for more cost effective alternatives. We enjoy opportunities to help you problem solve and achieve your goals.

·        Consider a More Economical Size—Choosing an unusual or larger size may have been your first choice, but the cost may not be worth the benefit. Well-planned printed materials do not require a trendy size or shape to be noticed. Also, smaller or standard size materials will be more economical to ship.

·        Evaluate Your Paper Choice—The weight of your paper can impact your printing and shipping costs. Explore your paper options and decide which one will deliver the quality you need with the lowest cost.

·        Explore Finishing Alternatives—From perforating to embossing to laminating, there are many different finishing elements to consider. Each finishing detail may add something to the quality of your printing job, but it will also add an expense. Let us help you choose the elements which are truly impactful and eliminate excessive ones.

·        Provide Your Project in a Print-Ready PDF—Time is truly money in the printing industry, so saving time is incredibly valuable to us. When we are provided with a print-ready pdf, we can move the job forward more quickly. If you are not sure how to transfer your project into this format, we can instruct you with a quick tutorial.

·        Plan Early—If you have your project details in advance, you can avoid having to pay for a quick delivery.  Planning ahead on your project saves your money and our efforts.

·        Ask for a Discount For Paying Quickly—If you pay your invoice within 10 days, we can offer a 2% discount. We appreciate clients being considerate and timely with their payments, so we are happy to offer a reward for doing so.

·        If Shipping Out of State, Check Your Shipping Options—You may be surprised by the cost difference in next day shipping, 2 day shipping, and UPS ground. Especially when you are shipping a large job, every little bit you can save in shipping will matter.

If you are ready to get started on your printing job, contact Tucker Castleberry today. We can help you get a quality job without breaking your budget!

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