Challenging Jobs: Behind The Scenes at Tucker Castleberry

Author: Kent Tucker | August 3rd, 2021

During this past political season, we had a printing job for a political consulting group out of Washington, DC.

The job consisted of four pieces:

(1) An intro letter printed 4/0 with variable data

(2) A form which printed 1/0 with variable data

(3) A #9 Reply envelope printed 1/0 (for the return of the filled-out form)

(4) An outer #10 mailing envelope printed 1/0

The person’s name on the intro letter had to match their name on the form and all 3 pieces had to be inserted into the #10 envelope with their matching address. So, three pieces needed to match. We have the right equipment, including the in-line camera systems, to handle this complex type of work. The order quantity was 4,000,000. After the details and timeline were approved by the client, we were off and running. Four days later, our customer called us in a panic. Their other supplier handling a similar piece had just informed them they would not make delivery in time. So, our customer asked if we could produce another 8,500,000 similar pieces and still meet the original deadline.

We put our heads together and quickly came up with a solution. Obviously, we did not have enough machines to produce this additional work and make the insanely quick deadline. So, we searched and located additional equipment. We purchased the equipment and within 5 days had an inkjet machine, black and white digital press, and a second Flowmaster with cameras running the 8,500,000 pieces.

The most amazing part of the job was the dedication of our employees. On this one job, they worked 12-hour shifts, 7 days a week for 35 straight days with no days off. Without their  stamina and commitment, we would not have made our critical delivery on time. We delivered both jobs on time just as our customer needed. Needless to say, our customer was ecstatic!

This is just one example of the speed, quality, and value Tucker Castleberry provides. Let us show you more — schedule a consultation!

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