8 Best Techniques and Tips for Direct Mail Marketing

Author: Kent Tucker | October 6th, 2021

Even in our digital world, direct mail remains a powerful option to generate response. Direct mail still accounts for the largest portion of ad spend in our country, exceeding 38 billion dollars annually. After being inundated with email campaigns, direct mail seems more personal to 70% of consumers. Direct mail clearly can be influential for your business, especially when executed properly. We are experienced with all the details for printing and mailing at Tucker Castleberry. Check out our best tips to maximize and streamline your direct mail experience.

Direct Mail Tips:

·       Let us know when the job needs to be “in home”. This information will inform when the job needs to drop based on whether it is a First Class mailing or Standard Presort, options that could save you money on postage. 

·       If the mailing list is “saturated” which means that there are lots of pieces going to the same zip code, let us explore the possible savings associated with organizing the “walk sequence” for greater efficiency. These savings could be substantial. 

·       Send us your mail piece design as early in the creative stage as possible. If there are any concerns, we will send it to our USPS Representative to make sure there will not be a problem mailing the piece. Let us help you optimize your postage through our experience. 

·       To calculate an accurate anticipated postage amount, we will work with you to ensure your list is prepared correctly to meet your mailing needs. 

·       There are several options to consider when a mail campaign enters the mail stream. Based on your mailing criteria, we will prepare the best plan to meet your delivery expectations. 

·       The USPS sets minimum and maximum thickness requirements to obtain automated rates. We help you choose the proper substrate weights and colors to stay within these guidelines. 

·       The size of the mail piece does matter. Postcards to packets, we will keep you up-to-date on USPS requirements to ensure a successful mailing campaign. 

·       Consult with Tucker Castleberry for your direct mail projects. We can help ensure a successful experience for you and your target market. Learn more about our direct mail services!

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