2023 Highlights: Yearly Wrap-Up

Author: Kent Tucker | December 1st, 2023

As we turn the final pages of 2023, our commitment to excellence in Commercial Printing in Atlanta, GA shines through. It’s more than just ink on paper; it’s about capturing moments, forging connections, and creating lasting impressions. Our expertise in Direct Mail Printing in Atlanta, GA has allowed us to touch the lives of many, delivering messages straight to their doorsteps. Every project has been a testament to our dedication and our clients’ trust in us, from the most minor print jobs to the most expansive campaigns. Let’s dive into our highlights from the past year, brimming with innovation and memorable moments.


Memorable Stats

At Tucker Castleberry, we take immense pride in our meticulous approach to every project, a principle that has consistently driven our company’s growth through the years. The year 2023 was no exception, and here are some key highlights from the past 12 months:

  • Acquired 12 new customers, marking a significant 7% increase in new business.
  • Achieved a remarkable 28% increase in sales.
  • Demonstrated effective resource management by utilizing 62% of our paper inventory procured during the supply chain crisis.


New Equipment

Quality and efficiency are at the forefront of our business, and we can’t help but keep improving our processes with the latest and greatest printing equipment! Here are some of the notable additions this year:

  • We purchased a new folding machine to increase catalog and program work. This new machine folds signatures at a rate of 11,000 per hour and gives a tight and accurate fold. This speed is twice as fast as our other folders. We plan to add a second folding machine in 2024.
  • We added a fourth high-speed inkjet machine (Kirk Rudy with a UV Phoenix head). This additional machine allows us to address and mail more than 1.2 million pieces per day.
  • We also purchased our sixth Ricoh digital press to add more capacity to our digital press department. This new C9210 has a more extensive color gamut than prior models, allowing us to produce more high-end printed pieces than ever before.


New Additions to Our Team

With our constantly growing Offset and Digital Printing in Atlanta, GA, new team members are essential to keep our services as consistent as possible. This year, we’ve had the privilege of mentoring an intern from the Clemson University Print School. She possesses a keen interest in print sales as her career path post-graduation. We are delighted to impart our extensive knowledge to her, providing comprehensive insights into every facet of print sales. Moreover, she is gaining invaluable hands-on experience by shadowing our accomplished sales representatives, immersing herself in the intricacies of “relationship print sales.”

Our gratitude is immeasurable as we prepare to close this chapter and welcome a new year. Our journey has been made richer by our clients’ unwavering support and our team’s relentless dedication. Here’s to every print, every mailer, and every connection we’ve forged in 2023. As the ink dries on this year, we are excited about the stories we’ll tell and the milestones we’ll achieve together in 2024.

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